Friday, January 4, 2013

Cancer & Work

When I was told I had cancer, on Sept. 5, 2012, my doctor told me I would need to dedicate the next year to cancer. I laughed, thinking I had "it" under control if I dropped my 2 UVU classes and backed off from chaplaining, that would just leave me with my full-time job, which I work from home. And so I did. And everything was fine until I needed IV fluids 3 times a week, in addition to chemo every other week. And everything was fine until I needed 2 naps a day. And everything was fine until I couldn't clean the tub, mop and vacuum floors, climb the stairs, cook, lift the laundry hamper, concentrate more than 15 minutes, and on and on. And Scott has done what he can - pick up prescriptions, buy groceries, run other errands, pay the bills.

Then - first of December Scott said he was taking 6 weeks off work to help me. Ha! I thought - there's nothing for him to do; he'll be in the way. He hasn't - he doesn't cook, but he has done everything else, leaving me time to work - 30 hours a week, and time to sleep, and time for IV therapy, etc. When I haven't been able to drive, he drives, when I've needed him at the oncologist, he's been there, and we're peacefully co-existing.

So, my ramblings are this: Cancer really has taken over my life; my doctor was correct - I am not cancer, but my life has been dedicated to cancer. And everything else - kids, grandchildren, parents, meals, cleaning, has been turned over to someone else. And I thank those "someone else's" for their help, for picking up the pieces and moving forward, while I work cancer.

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