Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chemo #8 Finished!

Final Day - brought donuts and oranges for everyone (staff and patients), made "Thank You" t-shirt for Scott and me to wear. Took lots of pictures. Got sick the last 10 minutes of treatment, had to be redosed up with Dexamethasone (steroids), Phenergen, and Benadryl, and then some fluids added - you can see I'm puffy. Then tried to get up, legs too weak, hobbled over to the ship bell to ring out "I'm Finished." Forgot to pick up my bottle of bubbly, but I'll be back on Friday for more hydration and 3 times next week, so I'm really not "finished," but chemo is over!!! Rolled out of the chemo room in a classy wheelchair - what a way to go!


Still red and puffy today, 
but walked 40 minutes on the treadmill this morning, 
and I have had a massage! 
Taking a Bendaryl right now!

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