Thursday, January 17, 2013

Breaking News

Late last night Nick Stone found our dear Ronda Walker Weaver.
She has been spending time at the Oncology and Chemotherapy Lab at UVRMC.
She has changed, but not so much that Nick was not able to find her through the lens of his camera. 

Scott saw glimpses of her during the day - keen observation, he was able to be by her side, and then Nick captured her image around 8pm that evening.

Please note that while we have Ronda at home, she will need months of reintegration therapy including 3 months of radiation, and up to  6 months of naps, exercise, healthy diet, and occasional company.

Thank you to all who have helped so much these past 4 months in caring for Ronda as she has struggled to care for herself. 

The Green Jacket is a nod to Mike Peters and his Love Hope Strength organization (see yesterday's post.) 
The Thank You Pink Ribbon t-shirt is a nod to doctors, nurses, and other staff who have kept Ronda healthy. 
And the henna head was a blessing from Malissa Shaw of Body and Soul Tattoo.

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