Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Last Chemo Day

Hip-hip-hurray - chemo #8 today! My hands are tingly, my fingertips numb, my fingernails and nail beds ache, my toes are cold, but not really - they just feel that way, and I am so very very tired - physically, emotionally, spiritually. And yet, here I am, like a lamb going to slaughter - submitting myself to one more treatment of poison. Odd, very odd. I hope to never, ever, ever walk this way again.

So, to commemorate today, I'm sharing an angelic act by my dear friend Russ Kendall. We've known each other for years; he knows my love for music, and he is gentle, kind, and thoughtful man, plus a dang good producer and director of "The Song That Changed My Life" and other shows, and you should all get online and watch this particular series.

The surprise from Russ was this November, 2012 video card from Mike Peters, of the 80s and 90s band, The Alarm. Mike is a 2-time cancer survivor and the co-founder of Love Hope Strength.

Thank you Russ, thank you Mike, for your support - Onward!

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