Monday, January 7, 2013

Missing - Me

Ronda Walker Weaver
Last Seen: Late Sept. 2012
Alias: Hun, Ma, RondaLyn
 If you have seen Ronda, please tell her that she is missed. 
Please let her know that she will be OK if she goes home. 
Please tell her we love her. 

Ronda may have changed her appearance - gray skin, puffy - as if on steroids, and no hair.

Her husband reported seeing someone who looked like her at Utah Cancer Center, however, she had on a hat, was curled up in blankets, covered in rice bags, 
had an IV bag hooked up to her right side, and she was not smiling. 
He could not positively identify this person as Ronda.

There are some days when I miss me - today is one of those. 
Where am I? 
Can I be found? 
What does the future hold if Ronda is lost and a new Ronda replaces her?

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  1. I will always find you no matter the circumstances, as there is a distinct, and sweet smell of love, compassion, friendliness, order, humility, sensitivity, laughter..(especially when I'm around), beauty, reverence and a calming peace abound. Along with so many other flavors of eminence and color that permeates the air with so many wonderful scents, it would be really difficult to not be able to guess where you might be on any given day. I could find you, and YOU will find YOU... I promise. I love you as always and I think of you and your circumstances every day. Days when I get pissed because the vacuum doesn't want to cooperate, or when the sinks back up, or when I miss an appt. because I'm such an airhead, or... the excuses just keep coming, but then I'm reminded of you and the many other people who are experiencing really difficult times and I stop and count my blessings. I'm sorry this has happened to you, but I have a genuinely strong feeling that you were meant to have this, as how would we all be learning if we didn't have our great teacher to teach us what this experience is all about? Just in case'one day' what if one of 'us' feels a little almond shaped mass in our breast? We'll know exactly what to do and how to manage through the good and the bad days. Thank you for taking time to teach us and to help us stretch ourselves a little bit more each day. You're amazing and awesome and when I can find you after hunting you down, we'll go have a woman to woman talk about the flowers we might want to plant this spring, and what about how cold this season has been, but have you seen The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel?, along with many other topics we can discuss. Maybe when we hug or should I say, "when we hug" we'll probably cry and that's okay too, because that will let all the buildup release and leave our emotions feeling much better, right? I love you sweet lady... be careful of seeing an old lady with bright red lipstick(a little bit will be showing on the teeth), a shopping bag, jagged and unpainted fingernails lurking around looking for her lost friend. I'm not worried though, and you shouldn't worry because it's just me and you have been around me enough to know that I won't step on your toes, but I will tell you I've been mighty gassy the past few weeks, and it's only the sound you have to worry about, truly. Hope to see you sooner rather than later. All my love goes to you and yours, and a healthy dose of gentle recovery and lots and lots of beautiful rest!


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