Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Away We Go

I report to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center at 6:30 tomorrow morning. It's same-day surgery, if all goes well. Jenna will update Facebook and this blog tomorrow afternoon/evening. But, if you'd like, you can call Scott: 801-227-4677 or Jenna: 801-857-7753, for an update, probably after 1pm.


  1. My friend,

    Could you visualize the cancer organisms in your mind, speak to them, befriend them, and ask them please to find a different host? One who won't be harmed by their need to consume its energy? I believe that kind of an approach is powerful.

    I've often thought of how Christ healed the sick, calmed the wind and waves, etc. I believe that he was able to achieve a charitable (pure love) relationship with the organisms that cause illness, and the elements as well. Because of that relationship, nature obeyed his requests. The virus, the bacterium departed and found less destructive ways to exist. The sick were healed, nature was calmed and at peace.

    This can happen for you.

    Be Blessed,

  2. Prayers and many bright hopes.

  3. Thinking about you all day, my friend. Prayers of strength, love, and healing.

  4. Lots of love and prayers have been sent your way this past week. Stay calm and FIGHT ON!