Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Stopped -

Today I wanted to start a dozen projects - crochet, reupholster, paint, plant, and then I remembered that just because I have a "spare minute" today doesn't mean that next week my time won't be occupied by "something else," i.e. healing.

Reminds me of my dad and my grandfathers and other hard working think it through men in my life. They have taught me to "measure twice, cut once." Or, think first, act second. I am grateful for men who have taken the time to teach me about acting rather than reacting. I am grateful for men who have cared enough about me to teach me.

I am learning to pause - I thought I had learned that lesson last year at this time, but I guess not well enough. However, tonight, I stopped, I put down the needle and thread, and didn't pick up anything to take its place.

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