Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Plan -

Oh goodness - I am exhausted - mentally and physically. What a day -

We met with the oncologist, after a 3 hour wait, in his office - not a good way to start a relationship! He was apologetic, but that didn't do much to ease our already gut-wrenching anxiety.

Great NP, nice doctor, lots of detail, good algorithm showing risks, benefits, etc. But here's the bottom-line:
Stage 1 (good), Grade 3 (bad), Triple Negative (bad), Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (bad, but good that it's not in the lymph nodes and surrounding tissue).
Treatment: ACT Chemotherapy, 4 treatments of AC, 4 treatments of T, every other week - so 8 treatments over 16 weeks.
Treatment begins on Oct. 10.
Before Oct. 10 I need to have:
EKG & Chest X-ray (ACT chemo has a risk for heart failure and leukemia, so we need a baseline)
Port placed
Chemo education class
Breast Cancer specialist meeting
Get 900 bazillion prescriptions filled
Go to Southern Utah to recharge

Thank you for your cards, flowers, texts, messages, e-mails, prayers, thoughts, hugs. If you want more info, call Scott, Jenna, or Tyler! Or, give me a few days, and we can talk. 

There - that's it! Or better, we've only just begun . .  .


  1. You deserve some relaxation. Some time to just be. I love you, and I'm so proud of the amazing way you are handling all of this.

  2. Thank you for the info. I am grateful that you are open to sharing your experience. I love you! Enjoy Southern Utah :0)

  3. Hoping to figure out how to actually post on the blog this time because I don't want to put it on FB. Is there a part of this process that really sets expectations for each phase? If you need that piece, please let me connect you with Sandy, or at least her blog where she posted about each phase in detail as it went along. Being the planner that you are, you need that. Love you!