Friday, September 7, 2012

What The . . .

I've talked to many people today - lots of questions, not lots of advice. Reminds me of when Scott and I began dating - "I'm dating Scott Weaver." And to myself, "I'm dating Scott, Scott Weaver - who could have believed that." Then when we were married, "I'm married to Scott, Scott Weaver - who woulda thunk." I'm still stunned that I'm married to the most amazing man in the world, the man I've known of for 30 years, and been married to for 8. Saying "I'm married to Scott Weaver," even to myself, was such a foreign phrase, for so long. And the more I said it, the more I still shake my head in surprise, disbelief, and gratitude.

Kinda been that way today, "I have breast cancer." And to myself, "I have breast cancer, breast cancer, what on earth?" All day, "I have breast cancer." What? "I have breast cancer." And I'm shaking my head in surprise, disbelief, and perhaps, some day, gratitude.

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